Letters of Recommendation


How many letters of recommendation do I need?

You need at least one letter of recommendation to apply but you can invite up to three referees to upload their letters of recommendation.

Will my application be considered even without a letter of recommendation?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications without at least one letter of recommendation.

When is the deadline for letters of recommendation?

The deadline for submitting letters of recommendation is May 15, 2022, 23:59 CET. So, please make sure to inform and name your referees in the application portal well in advance.

How should my referees submit their letters of recommendation?

After you have entered your referees’ contact details in our online application portal and submitted the information via the “submit”-button, your referees will receive an email inviting them to log-in to the online portal. They will need to provide some general information on their own position and their assessment of your skills, and can either type in their letter of recommendation manually, or upload it as a pdf file.

My referee has not received an email with instructions how to submit the letter of recommendation. What can I do?

Please check whether you have entered your referee’s contact details correctly in the application portal first. Then send an email to the Coordination Office, including the name of the referee in question and his or her correct contact details if these were stored incorrectly in the online portal. The Coordination Office will update the contact information if necessary and re-send the invitation email to the respective referee.


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