Lab Rotations


What are Lab Rotations?

The concept of lab rotations is unique to the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics. These lab rotations are short (three-week) internships that students complete in the beginning of their affiliation with our graduate school to get to know different research groups. The rotations provide a great opportunity to learn about various methods, techniques, and research topics, to network, and to establish interdisciplinary collaborations. Only after the lab rotations, students and group leaders decide in which group the students will start their Ph.D. work.  

How do I know which research groups I should pick for my lab rotations in the application form?

You should choose the groups for your lab rotations based on your research interests. On our website (Our Faculty), you find some brief information on our recruiting faculty members that already gives you an idea of their field of research. For more detailed information, please visit our PIs’ homepages by clicking on their names in their profiles on our website. You should select four preferences for your lab rotations in our online application form. Of course, we will try to meet your preferences, but we cannot guarantee this.

When and how will students be assigned to their final PhD labs after the lab rotations?

The final assignment of students to labs will occur after the end of the third lab rotation. Both students and PIs can indicate their preferences, and all decisions are made by mutual agreement between student and PI.


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