Program Start


When does the program start and when should I be on site at the latest?

The program starts on September 15. We recommend, especially our international students, to arrive at least one or two weeks in advance in order to complete the necessary bureaucratic tasks, such as registering at the citizen’s office, opening a bank account, and registering as a doctoral student at the university.

What can I expect during the first months after program start?

On September 15 and 16, there will be some welcome and get-to-know events. Afterwards, you will start a three months of introductory training beginning with a week of lectures held by our faculty members to give you an overview of the research topics in the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics. During the following nine weeks, you will complete three three-week lab rotations in different labs until the end of November. In December, you will participate in different workshops to learn about important methods and techniques of biophysics. After the workshops, you will then start your doctoral research in your final working group.

Can I select which workshops I want to attend during the introductory training?

We offer different workshops in parallel and you can state your preferences. We encourage you to attend workshops on methods and techniques that you are not yet familiar with. The aim of the workshops is to learn about the capabilities and limitations of several techniques, to understand the theory behind them, and to gain some hands-on-experience, but not to become an expert. Since the number of participants is limited in most of the workshops, we will assign the slots on a first come-first served basis.

Is accommodation available on Campus?

The Max Planck Institutes at Frankfurt and Mainz have guest houses for short-term accommodation on campus. If free rooms are available, you can rent a room for a maximum of three months. Please inform the Coordination Office as early as possible before your arrival if you would like to make use of this offer. The Coordination Office will check if a room is available, and coordinate the booking. If a limited number of rooms is available, international students will be preferred as it is usually more difficult for them to find a flat from abroad. If there is no room in the guest house available, the Coordination Office will inform you on different accommodation options. As the guest houses are not considered a long-term solution, all IMPRS students are expected to make their own arrangements for an apartment or a room in a shared flat. The Coordination Office will provide you with useful information on suitable web portals and other addresses for finding accommodation.

Whom can I contact for questions regarding my visa?

Please contact our Coordination Office for assistance with your questions regarding your Visa, the Coordination Office will also put you in contact with experts who can support you with your Visa application.


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