PhD Students 2021

Serena Maria Arghittu
Group of Dr. Roberto Covino
Mechanistic investigation of Activation Mechanism of the c-Met Receptor ectodomain by InlB
Victor Dubach
Group of Dr. Bonnie Murphy (MPIBP)
Soohyen Jang
Group of Prof. Dr. Mike Heilemann (GU)
Live-cell Super-Resolution Imaging with Non-covalent Tag
Henry Kim
Group of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hummer (MPIBP)
Molecular simulations and modelling of protein condensates and their interactions with lipid membranes
Jan Philipp Kreysing
Group of Dr. Martin Beck (MPIBP)
In-situ structural biology
Ellen Okuda
Group of Prof. Dr. Michaela Müller-McNicoll (GU)
Understanding the role of subnuclear architecture in spatial and temporal gene expression
Lukas Schartel
Group of Prof. Dr. Edward Lemke (JGU)
Joshua Vollrath
Groups of Dr. Langer (MPIBP), Prof. Dr. Đikić (GU)
HDX-MS/XL-MS method development for structural proteomics on autophagy-related interactions
Julian von Ehr
Group of Dr. Andreas Schlundt (GU)
Molecular basis of alternative splicing regulation through SRSF6 isoforms
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