The Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region

The Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region

Located in the middle of Germany and the site of the largest German airport, the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region is well connected within Europe and to the rest of the world.


Frankfurt is one of the country's most international cities and it is frequently ranked as very livable. The city is, amongst others, famous for its cultural offer – 37 museums and 20 stages (amongst them the English Theatre and the International Theatre) reside here.

Although many think of Frankfurt as the city of high rises and concrete, the Main banks, numerous parks, and the so-called “green belt” that encircles the city make it a very green place.

On the official English websites of the City of Frankfurt (external link) you can find further information about transportation, education, culture, offices and everything else the city has to offer.


Mainz is just a 30 minute train ride away from Frankfurt and just as centrally located. The capital of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate is famous for its old town and the Roman remains which can be discovered all over the city. Mainz also offers a variety of cultural activities and it is well-known for its traditional carnival celebrations (the “Fastnacht”).

The city is located in Rheinhessen, which is Germany’s largest wine-growing area and invites to explore its beautiful landscape alongside the Rhine river.  

Take a look at the official English websites of the City of Mainz (external link)  for further information.

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