Student Representatives 2022

Varsha Venkatesha Murthy and Victor Dubach are the elected voice of all Ph.D. students in the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics for the year 2022.

February 04, 2022

The first cohort of Ph.D. students has elected two student representatives for a one-year term of office: Varsha Venkatesha Murthy and Victor Dubach. The two of them will represent the Ph.D. students’ interests inside and outside the IMPRS, and will be there to help with questions, problems, or challenges arising amongst the students. By organizing student-driven activities and participating in decision-making as voting members of the Steering Committee, the student representatives will help shape the future of the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics.

Text: Katharina Käfer

In a short interview with the Program Coordinator Katharina Käfer, Varsha and Victor talked about their motivation and their aims being student representatives, and gave an insight in their personal interests.

Katharina: Why have you joined the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics?

Victor: For the diverse research groups and great science they do. The diversity in techniques to answer some very complex and some very basic fundamental questions is fascinating and really drew me to the program. Also, Frankfurt is a great place to live!

Varsha: I feel like the IMPRS-CBP is one big family of different areas of science, where everyone is supportive, and you can achieve the best due to the highly collaborative atmosphere. The PhD journey is challenging but knowing you've got the allies to aid that journey makes it more fun.

Katharina: Why have you decided to become student representative?

Victor: I want to make my fellow students feel heard. PhD students are often in vulnerable positions and I would like to support them may any problems arise. Next to that I would like to support the IMPRS-CBP students and PIs in any way I can to generate a thriving and diverse scientific community of discussion and collaboration. On top of that, it's a great excuse to have many coffees with people!

Varsha: I faced a lot of difficulties trying to adjust to the culture, the community and everything else. Even though IMPRS-CBP had my back, it was sometimes hard to follow through. I feel that as a student representative, I can help others who face or might face similar issues. I want to be the students' voice and make the IMPRS-CBP the best of the lot!

Katharina: What fascinates you beyond science?

Victor: Besides science, I like to bake, play squash and read in my free time. Other than that, Frankfurt has so many nice places and restaurants. Every weekend, I try a new café to see if at the end of my PhD I can have tried them all.

Varsha: I would have to say that this is not beyond science, but the Human mind fascinates me. The way we think and behave, emotions and responses to them all of which result in an army of neurons headed by the five-star general, the brain at work, is one of my interests.

Katharina: Thanks a lot, Varsha and Victor!

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