Ainara and Damla Are the New Student Representatives

Our PhD students elected Ainara Claveras and Damla Tetiker  as their representatives for the year 2023

January 05, 2023

Ainara and Damla will represent the students’ interests, and will be there to help with questions, problems, or challenges arising amongst the students. By organizing student-driven activities and participating in decision-making as voting members of the Steering Committee, the student representatives will contribute to shaping the future of the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics. Being two motivated and highly committed women in science, they reflect female empowerment and may become role models for other young female researchers.

Interview by Katharina Käfer


In an interview with our Program Coordinator Katharina, Ainara and Damla talked about their motivation, their goals, and their interests beyond science.

Katharina: What are your responsibilities as student representatives of the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics?

Damla: We will be representing the IMPRS-CBP and its students for one year. As voting members of the Steering Committee, our main responsibility is to make sure that the interests of the students are represented in the program.

Ainara: We will hence invite all IMPRS students to regular meetings of the student committee and chair these meetings to discuss new ideas.


Katharina: Do you have any specific ideas about what you would like to accomplish as student representatives?

Ainara: Besides our regular duties as student representatives, we would love to help creating a strong student community. It would be great to have a safe space where all students feel comfortable talking about all possible matters.

Damla: Communication and an environment of trust where everyone can address their thoughts, problems and concerns is key to that.

Ainara: Therefore, we would like to organize several social events where students can get to know each other better while having fun together.

Katharina: Two female student representatives reflect female empowerment. What does female empowerment mean for you?

Ainara: Although a lot of progress has been made, it is still uncommon to find women in leading positions in academic research. I consider myself very privileged because of all the chances that I have had so far,  but I see that in many areas, men and women do not have the same opportunities. For me, having more and more women in science and research, especially in leading positions, is an expression of women empowerment.

Damla: For me, this is also about equality and inclusion. We need a pushing force such as the visibility of women in leading positions in our society to make sure everyone, especially people coming from historically disadvantaged groups, has equal chances to fulfill their potentials.

Katharina: What do you like to do when you are not in the lab or thinking about science and the IMPRS?

Damla: If I am not in the lab, you can find me enjoying time with friends or pursuing my hobbies like reading or knitting.

Ainara: I love to play the guitar and the bass in my free time, and I also enjoy a lot listening to music. I also love reading, especially books related to philosophy.

Katharina: Thank you, Ainara and Damla! We wish you lots of fun and success for your time as student representatives of the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics!

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